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Online Slot Machines

With a history that goes back to 18th century, Slots is one of the oldest and most loved casino games among players all over the world. It was Charles Fey who introduced and invented Slots. Soon after it became a rage, Slots was introduced in the world of casino by Bugsy Siegel, who in year 1942 placed many Slots machines in his hotel and in no time people started getting fascinated with the concept of a bright, flashy colorful machine game.

A game of luck, joy and excitement, Slots needs no training and no big strategies. Player simply needs to know what betting options he/she has and spin the reel.

Modern world has online Slots or Video Slots, where players can enjoy the thrill of spinning reels from their own home.

Steps to play

Online Slots is easy, simple and full of excitement with flashy casino interface, bright reel combinations and tinkling musical background. Each online Slots casino has its own game lobby and interface a wide collection of Slots variants to offer, but the basic game play remains the same:

Step 1-

Click on the '+' or '-' to raise or low the bet amount

Step 2-

You can now click on 'Bet One' button to bet once or play the 'Max button' to bet all you inserted money.

Step 3-

After clicking ' Bet One' next step is to simply push the 'Spin' button to let the Random Number Generator spin the reels, in a fair manner.

Step 4-

Wait for the reels to stop spinning at a combination that matches any one of the given combination on the chart above the machine. If your spin matches any winning combination as displayed on the screen, you can now either continue playing with more credits or simply exit

Game Rules

Rules are simple; to bet and push the spin button but it is important to know different betting options are available in terms of the different types of Slot Machines. The reels are controlled by Random Number Generator and the machine has a payline chart on the top of the screen. The screen symbols or sign on the reels vary for casino to casino and game to game.

Basic Slot Machines - These are Slots with a fixed pay tables and no growing or progressive jackpots.

Every casino has two categories of Slots games, the basic Slots are games with no progressive jackpots or increasing number of Slots amount to win but a fixed payout. Whereas, Progressive Slots is the type where the money keeps growing with each game. The more players play, the more it grows. Each game takes a small amount of the bet made by a player to add to the jackpot.

3 Reel Slots -This type of Slots has 3 rows of reels with symbols on them.

5 Reel Slots - – These Slots games have 5 rows of reels to play with. The winning combination and payout differs with more reel rows.

Multi-line Slot machines -Multi-line Slot machines allows a player to play more than one reel or line at a Spin. Players can win big on multiple reels.

Game Strategy & Tips

Slots is a game free of tactical and strategically approach but there still few important things to keep in mind. With simple rules and equally basic strategies, Slots is truly an adventure to go for.

  • Keep a bankroll ready before you start spinning the reels. As it’s a game of chance, a fixed bankroll helps in avoiding bigger loses. Only keep an amount you can afford to lose and start playing simple 3 reel games when you a beginner.
  • As mentioned earlier, playing simple bets and less number of reels a good step for new Slots players.
  • Play free and practice as much as possible because it helps a player get familiar with the paylines, machine’s interface and also makes a player feel more comfortable with the chosen casino.
  • Professional players must select study the paylines and variants offered by a casino before starting.
  • Play Slots for fun and not for winning because it’s a game of risk and excitement.

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