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Earlier known as Hazard, Craps is a fun dice games with easy rules and exhilarating gameplay. Today Craps is played in every land based and online casino.

Its popularity among casino players is reason why many online casinos have Craps in their gaming collection. Played with two dices, Craps is all about making a bet, rolling the dice and hoping the roll comes out with desired number. Since a game of Craps is largely based on two steps – Come-Out Roll and Point Number and everything depends upon the dices rolled, there is no place for skills in this game.

When playing online, Craps is controlled with a RNG or random number generator thus every roll of dices is fair and real.

Steps to play

Game play for online Craps is easy, you bet against the casino or the house, opt for roll and wait for the two shiny dices to stop at a total you need to win your Come Out roll or to get a Point number.

Step 1

Player must select the betting chip for the betting amount and place it on the section which he/she wishes to play at. For example, Pass Line Bet.

Step 2

By clicking on 'Roll' button, player allows the casino to roll the two dices.

Step 3

Game continues on the basis of the bet type selected. Next roll of the game depends upon the total of the first roll or the Come-Out roll.

Game Rules

Craps is confusing looking, but easy dice game that is played with two dices and thus, you can roll any number from 2 to 12. The most basic and common bet in Craps in Pass Line Bet & Don’t Pass Line Bet.

Pass Line Bet

The bet is simple and starts with placing chips on 'Pass Line' area on the Craps table. The person who shoots the dice is called shooter and the game is between the player and the shooter. In case of online Craps, casino or the house plays the roll of a shooter.

You can either win the game on single dice roll called the one roll series or can also win it in multiple dice rolls, where the shooter will have to roll the dice more than once for you to win. Since Craps is all about dice rolls, it is important for you to understand that the first roll of a series, also known as ‘Come-Out Roll’, is always different from other rolls in the game.

When the shooter rolls 7 or 11 at the Come-out Roll or first roll, you immediately win and the game/series ends right there. If the numbers rolled are 2,3 or 12, then you loss there and game ends, while if the shooter rolls any other number like 4,5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 a Point number is set up and the game or series continues further. Here, the Come-Out Roll ends and the casino roll the dices again and again to get a Point or number 7.

On rolling point you win the Pass Line bet and on rolling 7 you lose, but if another number is rolled the game continues till the shooter rolls point or number 7.

Betting Table

Table layout for Craps has different betting sections marked, such as like Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don't Come etc. Other things a Craps table comprises of are betting chips, Roll button and payout chart for different types of rolls.

Betting variants

There is a huge list of bet options available in Craps. Some of these bets you can choose, when playing Craps, are -

  • Pass Line Bet
  • Don’t Pass Line
  • Odds on Pass Line Bet
  • Odds on Come Bet
  • Come Bet
  • Don't Come Bet
  • Field Bets
  • Big Six
  • Big Eight Bets
  • Proposition Bets

Game Strategies & Tips

Taking care of few essential tips can always help you with your game:

  • Revise all basic game rules before you start with the game.
  • When playing Craps, remember that rolling 7 on Come-Out Roll makes you win and rolling a 7 after establishing a Point makes you lose.
  • Before you make purchase for the chips, do check the table limits.
  • Start with low betting table, when playing for first time or when you are not well versed with the game.
  • Make sure you are aware of the rules and payouts of the online casino; you are planning to play at. Also, find out the betting rules of the casino to decide your game play.
  • If you need help before you bet your money on the game, play for free as many casinos are known to offer demo games.
  • Use your own calculations and knowledge for betting, thus avoid any suggestions made by others.
  • Do not get carried away with the first victory or first series win and always bet according to your pocket.
  • Before you move on from basic bets to other bets, make yourself familiarize with them.

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