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Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most exciting casino games played in almost every casino in the gambling industry. Popular as 'Twenty One', Blackjack is without a doubt all about luck and strategies, as you play against the dealer for a hand of 21 or figure closest to it. If you can provide dealer with the suitable hand you win and if you can't, then it's a bad luck.

Getting a hand less than 21 and that of the dealer's is sure shot loss, similarly getting pair of cards totaling over 21 also means end of the game, as you get busted.

Blackjack is one of the most interesting and a highly challenging casino games involving right decision making at right time. A basic idea of game rules, various betting options along and simple Card Counting observation can make a player get hooked to this game and its different variants.

Game Rules

In Blackjack rules play a major part as one must the card value in order to total the hand value, also to decide if one needs more cards or not. Cards from 2 to 10 are counted with their face values, while cards like Jacks, Queen and Kings are counted as 10 and Ace can be either taken as 1 or 11, depending upon the player's or your requirement.

There are different terms and betting option that are part of the game rules and must be understood well enough for a player to play Blackjack, flawlessly. These are as follows:

Hit – When a player/casino decides to draw another card

Stand – When a player decides against withdrawing any new card

Double – This betting option allows a player to double his/her initial bet before withdrawing a third card

Insurance – When casino’s open card is an Ace, player is offered a 2-1 insurance side bet allowing him/her to get the bet insured.

Split – This allows a player to split his/her first two cards into two different hands. Split is offered when the two cards are of same value.

Steps to Play

Blackjack is easy-to-play game, where you play against the dealer with the objective of creating a pair that either totals to 21 or closest to the number. When playing online you can either play with other players or can play against the dealer only. At the start of the game, cards are shuffled well, player gets two face-up cards and dealer gets one face-up card and one face-down card. Now you get a chance of either continuing with your cards or of taking one more card.

Once you have decided, the dealer opens his second card. If the card total of dealer is 17 or above 17 the dealer has to stay and if the value totals to 16 or lesser then he has to draw. If you have a higher card value than the dealer you win. If both dealer and you have made a blackjack, then it is a tie.

Online Blackjack has simple game steps

Step 1

To begin a game, player must place a bet by clicking on the betting chips (marked as $1, $5, $25 & $100), as given on the screen. Once the bet is made the next step is to click on "Deal" button, when clicked the player & casino are both dealt with two cards each.

Step 2

Based on the cards dealt, a player must choose from options like 'Hit' or 'Stand'. Clicking on Hit button will give player a new card, whereas if chosen to ‘Stand’ player gives casino the chance to play its game. Another option to choose from, based on the hand total, is 'Double', this allows a player to double the amount of his/her initial bet. For example, if the initial bet was $5, Double makes it $10 and player is given only one new card to finish the game.

Step 3

When a player, on basis on his/her first two or 3rd card, chooses to Stand, casino gets to play the game. The result of the game now depends upon the 2nd and 3rd card of the casino.

Game Strategy & tips

The most common strategy in Blackjack is 'Card Counting' that helps players in making the right decision while playing. Whether you want to 'Hit' or 'Stand' or 'Double', Card Counting gives you an idea on what's the best way to continue Blackjack after you have been dealt with your two cards.

Card Counting is about keeping an eye on the cards that are being shuffled during a game of Blackjack. Knowing how many low cards (like 2,3,4,5,6,) and how many high cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack) are dealt helps a player decided whether to Hit or to Stand. Knowing that most of the High cards have been used helps a player know that he/she can hit safely.

Experts suggest that splitting combinations of Aces is a good idea, but doing the same with 4s and 5s is risky and should be avoided.

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