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Online Baccarat

An ancient casino game, today Baccarat can be found in almost every online casino. Also known as Punto Banco, Online Baccarat is a sophisticated card game which can be lot easy and fun, if the player master's the rules.

The game play is straightforward, a Baccarat table has three sections i.e. Player, Banker and Tie and in order to start the game a player has to bet on any one of these Baccarat section, to win. Betting is the most challenging part in a game of Baccarat.

Online Baccarat has become a rage in the online casino industry, as players can now easily choose their casino and play while enjoying the homely environment of their own place. Online baccarat also avails players with better bonuses, Baccarat tutorials and rules as well as the ability to play anytime from anywhere.

Game Rules

While the game play of Baccarat is similar to Blackjack, what makes this game different and unique are the rules.

Rules are simple, as players have to bet on the hand that will reach 9 or closest digit to 9. Players can also bet on 'Tie', with a hope of both Punto and Banco getting same card values.

Cards from 2 to 9 are counted with their face values, whereas tens and face cards like Jacks, Queen and Kings are not counted, thus are taken as zero. Similarly an ace is counted as 1.

TWhen a hand reaches a total of 8 or 9 without taking any third card, it is called a ‘Natural card’ and the player who has bet on it wins immediately. Double digit cards are not counted as their value, for example when the total of two cards is 11 or 25 then the hand is not counted as 11 or 25, but as 1 or 5.

There are only three kinds of bets that can be made:

  • Betting that the banker's hand will win
  • Betting that player's hand will win
  • Betting on a tie between both Punto and Banco

Steps to Play

A game of cards, Baccarat is played by players betting on Punto (player), Banco (banker) or on the Tie section. Each section is dealt with two cards in the starting and players have to bet on the section that is going to win.

Step 1

The game starts with players betting chips on either on Player, Banker or Tie. Once the bet has been made, you (the player) must click on Deal button to proceed.

Step 2

Both Banker and Player sections are dealt with two open cards. Based on the rules, each section gets a third, if required.

Step 3

The hands that get 9 or value closer to 9 is automatically the winner, this makes the game quite similar to Blackjack.

Game Strategy

Baccarat is a game of sheer luck and thus, not many strategies can be put in the game to bring a desired outcome. But players can always strategies their betting decisions to increase the probability of their winning.

Basic points or strategies that must be kept on mind while making a decision doing Baccarat are as follows:

Strategy 1-

Decisions like whether to bet on Player, Banker or Tie has to be made with right frame of mind.

Strategy 2-

One must decide whether to play an eight or six or one deck Baccarat game. Though playing with a 1 deck or 6 decks is always a benefit in compared to 8 decks game.

Strategy 3-

Players should never get into the tarp of tax of 5% on banker's hand. Betting on 'Tie' should be avoided as much as possible, as it is quite rare when both banker and player get the same hands.

In short, playing with less number of card decks will enhance the chances of better outcome for the player. Also, the higher house edge on player's bet and tax deduction on banker's hand should be dealt with care.

Few Tips & Tactics

Few good tips can always help players in making the right decision while betting as well as can stop them from making any blunder.

As mentioned earlier, playing a game with lesser decks is always a better way of approaching Baccarat, as it would decrease the chances of losing. Though luck is a major factor involved in Baccarat, but knowing little about the game the best betting options, calculating the wages and taxes on the bets as well as having a clear idea of rules including the rules of ‘Third card draw’ can prove to be a better tactic.

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